1)    We value independence.

Independence means playing an active role in choosing who to work with – as well as when, where, and how. It’s not letting a job dictate where you live, as well as being able to choose how to spend one’s time and achieve one’s goals. We value the ability to choose your own style of work, not to be trapped inside a system you don’t work well within, just because someone else said it was ‘good’ for you. We believe you shouldn’t be forced to compromise your happiness and values in order to keep a job.

2)    We value freedom.

Freedom from society’s norms on what a career should look like. Freedom from the stereotypes, both of the traditional conservative side of society and the stereotypes that came with the new “digital nomads” movement. We believe everyone should be free to choose their own path, in their work- and lifestyle. They could either travel around the world while working or work from home in the country of their choosing.  

3)    We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between stability and independence.

Much of the advice out there for digital nomads and location-independent people focuses on the benefits of cheap and minimalist living. What we want to show you is that you don’t have to sleep in hostels and move to cheap towns to be independent (though minimalism is a perfectly valid path in its own right!). You can have a stable, happy life, support  a family, while  shaping  your workstyle and designing your own way of life.

4)    We are shaping the future of work.

The future of work is remote  and having more creative ownership in your work. Technology gives us the chance to communicate with people all over the world and we should take advantage of this by enabling people to  discover the limitless possibilities available to shape their workstyle around their values and skills.

5)    We believe the future of work prioritizes fulfillment over money.

Humanity is finally moving away from the notion that life’s purpose is to accumulate as many things and money as possible, more often valuing happiness and fulfillment over income potential when choosing a profession. We believe this is the key to a happier and more fulfilled society overall. We want to include companies in this revolution and help them attract the most talented people. While we believe fulfillment should be the number one priority when choosing a job, making sure you have enough income to suit your chosen lifestyle should also factor in.

6)    We believe self-development is the key to discovering independence.

Self-analysis and self-reflection are often ignored in traditional education. We want to bridge that gap and help people with the tools they need to figure out their skills, talents and preferences. We want to help them explore a new way of thinking about work, not as a given, but as something you can create based on your own skills, personality and needs. Not only self-reflection, but also an analysis of how the skills you have can fulfill the needs of someone else, who is willing to pay you for your services.

7)    We believe you can (and should) design your work around your life, not the other way around.

With the technology and opportunities that are now available, it is possible to reach a point where you can shape your work, your goals and your fulfillment around what works for you, rather than letting your life be dictated by your work, your boss or the society around you. We want to create extraordinary lifestyles based on your skills: shape your dream reality by shaping the way you work. You have the choice!

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