What is Your Workstyle?

Fig­ure out your ide­al work­style by answer­ing these five sim­ple ques­tions!

Our quiz will help you iden­ti­fy what mat­ters most to you, and help you start con­sid­er­ing ways to imple­ment your pref­er­ences in the real world. Take now the first step towards your new work- and lifestyle!

We want to know your results, share them with us using the hash­tag #Work­styling.

1.How much inde­pen­dence do you want in your work?
2.How impor­tant is mak­ing mon­ey?
3.How many hours are you pre­pared to work?
4.What should ‘home’ be like?
5.How much ener­gy do you want to put into cre­at­ing your own solu­tions to prob­lems?