Work Style Assessment

What is your workstyle?

Every­one has a dif­fer­ent work style. We offer a sim­ple, five ques­tion assess­ment for free with the goal of show­ing you alter­na­tive approach­es to work.


Our quiz is short, but effec­tive. In fact, you’ll spend more time learn­ing about it on this page than you will tak­ing it!


Before pub­lish­ing our quiz, we ran it by a lot of peo­ple who were already com­fort­able with their work style. 95% of our respon­dents report­ed they felt the answer aligned with their work identity.


Of course, we offer our work style assess­ment com­plete­ly free! We believe dis­cov­ery is the first step towards lifestyle free­dom… and that is priceless.

Find your ideal work style!

Who runs this quiz?

We are, an ini­tia­tive to help peo­ple dis­cov­er atyp­i­cal work options such as remote work and free­lanc­ing. The founders, Gaby Kamp and Anne Dorko, have a com­bined twen­ty years of experience.

Who can I talk to about this?

Do you have ques­tions about Work­styling or find­ing what life and work style is best for you? We are here to help. Please send an email with your ques­tions to

The Five Pillars of Any Work Style

Your ide­al work style rests in the fol­low­ing five fac­tors. Our quiz will help you iden­ti­fy what mat­ters most to you, and help you start con­sid­er­ing ways to imple­ment your pref­er­ences in the real world.






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