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What is your workstyle?

Everyone has a different work style. We offer a simple, five question assessment for free with the goal of showing you alternative approaches to work.


Our quiz is short, but effective. In fact, you’ll spend more time learning about it on this page than you will taking it!


Before publishing our quiz, we ran it by a lot of people who were already comfortable with their work style. 95% of our respondents reported they felt the answer aligned with their work identity.


Of course, we offer our work style assessment completely free! We believe discovery is the first step towards lifestyle freedom… and that is priceless.

Find your ideal work style!

Who runs this quiz?

We are, an initiative to help people discover atypical work options such as remote work and freelancing. The founders, Gaby Kamp and Anne Dorko, have a combined twenty years of experience.

Who can I talk to about this?

Do you have questions about Workstyling or finding what life and work style is best for you? We are here to help. Please send an email with your questions to

The Five Pillars of Any Work Style

Your ideal work style rests in the following five factors. Our quiz will help you identify what matters most to you, and help you start considering ways to implement your preferences in the real world.






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