What is Workstyling?

We define workstyling as: “The act of shaping your ideal location independent career around your desired lifestyle, your skills and your passions". 

We believe you should design your ideal workstyle around your life, your values and your happiness. It's not always about jetting around the globe or continuous travel. It's about having the freedom of choice to work from anywhere. We’re here to help you figure out where to start, using our experiences traveling and working remotely.

Take the first step towards freedom, analyze your preferences with the free  5-Question Workstyle quiz and enroll in the Skills Analysis course to create your dream work- and lifestyle.

Do you know your personality type?

Understanding your motivations, needs, and desires is helpful when shaping your dream reality. We’ve broken it down into four main categories.

Digital Nomad
Are you a thrill seeker, looking for constant travel?
Remote Worker
Do you want a normal salary, with the freedom to live anywhere?
Are you most interested in being in charge of your own gigs?
Do you want flexibility, but mostly prefer to stay in one place?

Take your first step.

Uncover your skills and preferences and decide on your ideal location independent job.

We hope you're ready for a change.

It's time to create an action plan for your dream life. We're here to help.

Our resources are designed to help you craft your perfect workstyle, and then show you how to take measured steps to make it a reality.

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