How Creating Your Ideal Online Career Is Just Like Cooking


You’re hun­gry and you decide to cook. You have a bunch of ran­dom items in your cup­board and you’re ask­ing your­self: ‘How can I cre­ate a tasty, sat­is­fy­ing meal with these odd ingre­di­ents? Do they even go togeth­er?’ And then, some­how you fig­ure out how to make them fit togeth­er and fill your hun­gry bel­ly.

Now what does that have in com­mon with your search for an ide­al loca­tion inde­pen­dent job, you might won­der??

A lot, sur­pris­ing­ly.

Instead of open­ing the cup­boards to find ingre­di­ents, you are going to sit down and ana­lyze your ‘ran­dom’ skills. You have plen­ty of skills, often more than you real­ize. Even if you might be think­ing they are irrel­e­vant to find­ing an online job, we assure you they aren’t! Let’s see how this analy­sis process works.

1) Under­stand what you already have

What you have are the ingre­di­ents in your cup­board. Look close­ly, don’t stop at the fridge. Look at all the spices, the small for­got­ten box­es at the back of your draw­ers and also make that climb to check out your high­est shelf.

Do the same with the skills you already have. Don’t stop at the obvi­ous skills , the ones you’ve list­ed on your resume. Don’t stop at your degree, your pre­vi­ous jobs. Don’t stop at a broad def­i­n­i­tion like for instance: “I am good at tech”, “I am a good devel­op­er”, “I am a good teacher”. What we want to help you fig­ure out all the skills, sub­skills and hid­den tal­ents you’ve devel­oped in your entire aca­d­e­m­ic and work­ing life. You can take those skills and trans­fer them to cre­ate your very own online career. That’s why we call these trans­fer­able skills.

2) Think­ing about what you love

Is there a meal you’ve eat­en in the past that you have loved so much your mouth starts water­ing just by the very thought of it? Is there a food that you can’t pos­si­bly say no to? Think about those meals, what makes you like them so much? How can you repli­cate that taste with the ingre­di­ents in your cup­board?

Dream big. Dream your ide­al job. What do you love doing? What are your pas­sions? What is that activ­i­ty that gets you in the ‘flow’? What is a job that you could do all the time because it doesn’t feel like work? That job that makes you for­get to look at your phone, for­get to eat or even to sleep some­times? That’s where you have to start look­ing. Try com­bin­ing your exist­ing skills with your deep­est pas­sions: get cre­ative! Think out­side the box!

3) Estab­lish­ing who can help you

Ok, you have a good idea of what you want to cook now. But what if your cook­ing skills are a bit rusty, or non-exis­tent? Or maybe you are very good at bak­ing cakes but you don’t real­ly know how to pre­pare that stew that you love so much. Call your partner/flatmate/friend/neighbor and invite them to cook for you and teach you how! Cook­ing togeth­er is way more fun…and so is shar­ing the eat­ing!

The same goes for achiev­ing your ide­al online career since you’ve now fig­ured out what your career should look like you can decide whose (pro­fes­sion­al) help you need. You don’t have to know or do every­thing on your own. If there’s some­thing you don’t know how to do, ask for help! Find a part­ner who com­ple­ments your style and your skills with. Exchange ideas, share prob­lems and suc­cess­es. Find a men­tor, an intern or a brain­storm bud­dy. Work­ing remote­ly doesn’t have to be lone­ly, it can be a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to col­lab­o­rate with many tal­ent­ed peo­ple from all over the world.

4) Research­ing exist­ing com­bi­na­tions

Was your recipe actu­al­ly doable, can you recre­ate it? How can you make it even bet­ter? After hav­ing let your cre­ativ­i­ty run wild and com­ing up with an edi­ble meal, maybe it’s time to look at what oth­ers are doing so you can improve it. Take out an old-fash­ioned cook­book, or jump online and check out its infi­nite col­lec­tion of food blogs. Either way, your goal is to research how peo­ple are exe­cut­ing sim­i­lar ideas and if you are miss­ing any basic ingre­di­ents you hadn’t con­sid­ered before.

What you can do at this point of your search for the ide­al online career is start look­ing at the jobs that are already out there and that could fit your ide­al vision and your cur­rent skills. Look for both ‘tra­di­tion­al’ and remote jobs that match your skill pro­file. The idea is to fig­ure out what the required skills for these jobs are and what employ­ers or clients are look­ing for? Some of those skills could be the ones you iden­ti­fied as trans­fer­able skills in step 1. Some of those might be the ones you are plan­ning to learn from some­one (or to pay some­one to do for you).

5) Find­ing the miss­ing parts

After review­ing exist­ing recipes, you real­ize that your planned recipe would taste so much bet­ter with that one ingre­di­ent that you don’t have at home. Maybe you could fight your lazi­ness and run down to the store to get it (or, even bet­ter, send your helper…because that’s what helpers are for!).

You have looked at the require­ments for your ide­al job and fig­ured out that unfor­tu­nate­ly there is a basic, very impor­tant skill you your­self are miss­ing. You wouldn’t want to give up at this point, would you? The good news is: you can acquire (almost) any skill! Here’s where you sit down and think real­is­ti­cal­ly how much time, mon­ey and effort it will cost you to acquire this new skill. If the learn­ing process is too long or the course is too expen­sive, you can find some­one to help you out.

After com­plet­ing these five steps, you’ll have the final plan for cre­at­ing your ide­al remote career. It may take a lit­tle longer than prepar­ing your desired meal, but it’s a sim­i­lar process of analy­sis, reflec­tion, and dis­cov­ery. And the final prize is not sim­ply a deli­cious meal but a life­time of ful­fill­ment and enjoy­able work. Work which you can do out­side of the pre-defined 9 – 5 work sys­tem and a career based on inde­pen­dence and free­dom.

We are here to help you on your way to your ide­al work­style, tak­ing it one step at a time towards a bet­ter way of work­ing. To com­plete these steps and cre­ate your online career we invite you to take our Skills Analy­sis Course!

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