After working my way around the globe from Nigeria, China, Argentina, to Northern Ireland, I was tired of finding a new job every time I moved to a different country. I decided it was time to create a location independent lifestyle so I could work from anywhere in the world. My first step was to look at my skills, past work experiences and my passions, with this inventory I was able to make a decision in how to move forward to what has turned into my coaching practice: Global Nomad Coaching.

Another big reason for starting my own practice was that I was tired of working for a boss. I was creating training programs and running projects that were part of someone else’s vision and I found it hard to put my all in to it. Now that I work for myself, all my passions and creativity are channelled into my work and work doesn’t feel like a job anymore.

Part of my passion is to be a guide to others and to help them design their own life within a global setting. I’ve been a nomad all my life and have had the privilege of growing up in several countries and later went on to pursue my own nomadic lifestyle. A lot of the things I use in my coaching and training is based on my personal struggles and discoveries. Through this training I want to give back and share with others what I learned from my exposure to many different countries, cultures and lifestyles. I aim to not only teach how to earn a location independent living but I also want to teach how to design and manage your new lifestyle with all aspects of life, love and adventure that come with it.

Global Transitions Coach, Gaby Kamp. Full-time Global Nomad and founder of Global Nomad Coaching.